William Weld is a rising member in the Librarian Party. Recently appointed to Southwestern Regional Representative for the Libertarian Party as well as elected to the Chief Recruiting Officer. Former governor of New Mexico.

Power III Edit

William Weld was recruited by Chairman Gary Johnson to join the game after several failed recruitment attempts during the time of Power II. Very soon after joining the game, he became elected governor of New Mexico where he paid off the entire state's debt and significantly decreased the tax rate from 80% to 10% before being beaten by HAL-9008 in a heated five-way election. After losing the election he started focusing more intently on assisting the party directly and got appointed to Southern Regional Representative to the party, assisting the Campaign Coordinator by locating prime potential states for Libertarian Party members looking to change states. Soon after, he ran unopposed for Chief Recruiting Officer and took office August 10th, 2017

Weld has since been reelected to both Governor of New Mexico and Chief Recruiting officer. The Governorship was securely his for several turns, but the Democratic party swiftly left New Mexico, leaving a huge hole that the All Syndicalist Convention to come and fill, who now poses a large threat to Weld's seat as governor.