United States Senator 2 Election, 6th July 2017

All 50 Senator 2 Seats
26 needed for majority
  First party Second party Third party
  FDR Power Heydrich Power Nader Power 2
Leader Franklin Delano Roosevelt John Heydrich Ralph Nader
Party Democratic Party Republican Party Green Party
Leader's seat California Texas Connecticut
Seats won 24 21 42
Percentage 48% 42% 2%

POWER Senator 2 Elections 1

Colours denote winning party in each state.

Largest Party after election

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Democratic Party

The United States Senator 2 Election was held on July the 6th 2017 and was the very first election of POWER III. It saw the Democratic get a plurality of seats, and due to the presence of three vacant seats, a working majority.

In total, the Democrats got 24 seats, whilst the Republicans got 21, with the Green Party and an Independent receiving one seat each; there were also three vacant seats. The Libertarian party got absolutely fucked this election.