Tom Jason was a three-term Senator and two-term Governor of Virginia in Power II, and briefly the Chairman of the Democratic Party in Power III. He was the party's nominee in the Eighth Presidential Election and is currently the Secretary of Defense. He is known as Oatnigger by the Republican Party

Power IIEdit

Chairman of the Reform Party I guess

Power III Edit

Tom Jason's account was the first created in Power III. As the only member in the Democratic Party for one minute, he was chair by default until Rumsod joined. A joke "coup" of the party began, with Tom Jason seeking the chairmanship while promising not to mess with anything. Jason won the chairmanship due to FDR's reputation reducing his party power, and his only action as chair was to send a party communication with the entirety of the Scooby Doo theme song. He served 10 terms as Virginia Senator before being defeated by Oreki Houtarou, but since then has regained his role as Virginia Senator for another 2 terms. He is the Atlantic Regional Chair of the Democrats and was their presidential nominee in the Eighth Presidential Election. Tom Jason was also a multi-term vice president under FDR


A joke made by Jason in the Libertarian Discord chat went too far when he actually decided to make a fanfiction of Jim Rohan and Thomas Eris. Chapter 1 of the fanfiction was met with widespread critical acclaim. Chapter 2 was met with polarizing reviews, with some considering it a downgrade from the original while others considered it far superior.

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