Tom Jason, also known as H. Ross Perot, is a notable centrist politician in POWER. He was the Chair of the Democratic Party, and also former Chairman of the Liberal Democrats in POWER UK. Jason previously served as the 8th and 11th Vice President of the United States, and as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on two occasions.


Jason joined in POWER II, as chairman of The Reform Party. Reform maintained a significant third-party status for quite some time.


At the reset that created POWER III, Jason joined the Democratic Party. He was briefly chair of the party due to Franklin Delano Roosevelt having a high reputation. He managed to send the entire Scooby Doo theme lyrics in a party communication before he was ousted. His presence in the party was heavily criticised by Paul Pott, due to the fact Reform and the Democrats (then the NDA) had recently been rivals. Pott's anger at this was part of the reason for Operation Zwischenzug, where the ASC split from the larger Democratic Party.

Through the first couple months of POWER III, Jason served variously as a Senator and Governor in Virginia. He slowly worked his way up the Democratic Party hierarchy, becoming a Deputy Regional Chair, and later the Regional Chair for the Atlantic region. He was the Democratic Party nominee in the Eighth Presidential Election, although he lost to Heydrich resoundingly. Upon FDR's victory in September, Jason was appointed to his cabinet as Secretary of Defense. Jason continued as a senior Democratic Party member through the rest of POWER III, and became Vice President in October and was made a Vice Chair in November. He was a victim of the Connecticut Massacre but continued playing secretly as Wyoming Ranger, who would later become a Senator from Wyoming.


In POWER IV, Jason was once again Governor of Virginia. After Roosevelt won a fifth, non-consecutive term, Jason was made his Vice President, serving for the three further terms of Roosevelt's presidency.


Upon the creation of POWER V, Jason joined in POWER UK as H. Ross Perot, becoming chairman of the Liberal Democrats. As the third party, the Liberal Democrats served as the kingmakers in Parliament that put Pizo Cunningham in power, but after he appointed Conservatives and a Labour member to his cabinet instead of their coalition partners they broke off the coalition and made one with UKIP to make Perot Prime Minister.

He later returned to the US, to become chairman of the Democratic Party.