Tom Jason was a three-term Senator and two-term Governor of Virginia in Power II, and briefly the Chairman of the Democratic Party in Power III.

Power IIEdit

Initial campaignsEdit

Jason's first election was against Senator Uekaha, running as an independent and later as a member of the Centrist Party. Jason lost but received approximately 21% of the vote.

After joining the Libertarian Party, Jason ran for Governor against the incumbent Phineas Gage. The LP considered his bid a long shot and did not initially devote any resources to his campaign. As it appeared that the Libertarians would make sweeping gains across the country, they put resources into his race and he won a victory over the incumbent Gage.

Jason's re-election campaign started out promising as Jason had a significant advantage over Gage, who was running again. However, an alt named Magie Suksharde faced Jason in the primary. After the GOP sent AAs against Jason to make him lose the primary, Suksharde won the primary and withdrew from the general election, allowing Gage to win without major contest.

After losing his Governor election, Jason ran for Senate. Magie Suksharde, an alt sent to defeat him in his gubernatorial primary previously, faced Jason in the primary. Jason easily defeated Suksharde to face the longtime incumbent Joe Biden in the general election. Jason narrowly defeated Biden to become Senator.

Senate tenureEdit

As Senator, Tom Jason first introduced the Women's Health Expansion Act which was met with wide condemnation from the GOP, and was filibustered and voted down. To appeal to a broader range of people across the country, Senator Jason introduced the Recognize The Role Club Penguin Played In Our Childhoods Act, which was met with universal praise and was certain to pass the Senate with wide tripartisan support. However, Rumsod deleted the bill before it could pass. During the election season, Jason introduced the Let The People Vote Act, which allowed for federal voting holidays to encourage turnout. The measure was filibustered and defeated.

Re-election campaignEdit

Senator Jason faced former Senator Uekaha in the general election, having been uncontested in the primary. With the Libertarians losing seats across the country, the party's resources were stretched thin and Jason lost narrowly to Uekaha, with a centrist independent candidate siphoning votes away from Jason.

Later campaignsEdit

Initially, Jason did not want to run further campaigns and decided to help his party and attempt to win them more seats. However, as the party sank further and further when the GOP and NDA joined forces to take down the third parties, Jason became disenchanted with the Libertarians. Another run for his senate seat resulted in another loss against Uekaha. Jason quit the Libertarians to form The Reform Party. After Big Damn and Phineas Gage were purged from Virginia, Jason won a three-way race to become the first Reform Party elected official, winning the senior Senate seat.

Deletion Edit

After proposing a bill that changed Social Security to the What's New Scooby Doo theme song, both Jason and his bill were deleted. The assumed reason was that the bill took up too much space. Enzo Taylor became the interim chairman until Jason could be voted back into power.

Power III Edit

Tom Jason's account was the first created in Power III. As the only member in the Democratic Party for one minute, he was chair by default until Rumsod joined. A joke "coup" of the party began, with Tom Jason seeking the chairmanship while promising not to mess with anything. Jason won the chairmanship due to FDR's reputation reducing his party power, and his only action as chair was to send a party communication with the entirety of the Scooby Doo theme song. He is currently running for Senate 2 in Virginia.


A joke made by Jason in the Libertarian Discord chat went too far when he actually decided to make a fanfiction of Jim Rohan and Thomas Eris. Chapter 1 of the fanfiction was met with widespread critical acclaim. Chapter 2 was met with polarizing reviews, with some considering it a downgrade from the original while others considered it far superior.

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