Thomas Eris is an autistic 13-year-old or just an edgy kid pretending to be an autistic 13-year-old


Thomas Eris is part of the GOP party and started the game in Power 1. His meme popularity started back in Power 2 where he would say ridiculous things including

"Hitler did some good things"

"Go fuck a woman, but only after marriage"

"I cum regularly"

"I'm a literal prophet. That's how much people respect and agree with me."

During Power 2, Thomas ran a cult which was basically just Christianity. He also ran his own news channel to cover debates for a while until he realized that no one was watching his shit unironically except Anthony Jefferson, Rohan, and a few other people. Thomas even had his own rap album released (by FDR) The album was called "Straight off the Short Bus by MC Tommy E"


The album consisted of 7 songs that included "Self Worth","Thomas drops a phat track Ft. 14 years of autism",Dolla Dolla Bill Yall","The Struggle Of A Young Gay Ghetto Nigga","MC Tommy-E Freestyle","MC Tommy-E On Fat Women",and "Its Ogre".

Thomas Eris is one of the most well known people in the community for being such a big meme. Infact in the Libertarian Discord you can find that Eris is listed as a "joke".

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