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United States Presidential Election, March 15, 2017
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  Foreman Domai Sandy P1 Heydrich 2
Candidate Foreman Domai Sandy Weathers John Heydrich
Party Democratic Party Democratic Party Republican Party
Percentage 45.2% 40.8% ~5%

President before election

Hubert H. Humphrey
Democratic Party

President after election

Foreman Domai
Democratic Party

The 3rd presidential election will go down as one of the most chaotic and dramatic elections of all time. It was also the last POWER I presidential election. One day after the election, the POWER I era came to an end. Foreman Domai eventually wom the election, defeating two big names in POWER I; former Senator and governor Sandy Weathers and Heydrich, the Republican chair.

Background Edit

In February 2017 Dick Henry managed to steal the treasurery of the Democratic Party by a trick. There was unrest in the DNC, and some other inluential members (Sandy Weathers, Bernie Sanders and Spencer Martin tried to steal the treasurery once again. The chair at that time (Foreman Domai) took the funds of the DNC, to protect the funds from rebels. Sanders became the first chair, and the coupists threw their wait behind Weathers' campaign for the Democratic nomination in the second presidential primary. When Weathers won, but then found that Domai was still in the election, Sanders resigned in a hissy fit and Spencer became the next chair. All the while, Domai loyalists campaigned for Domai and HHH's cabinet was reshuffled to include people such as Jim B. Johnson, Jon Stewart and George Freedom. He also backed Jeff Rolland for chair to replace Martin.

Election Edit

In the March 2017 presidential election, though hundreds of millions of dollars had been spent on Weathers' campaign, Domai won by between 5-10%. Making him the second president in POWER history. The loss led to the fall of chair Spencer Martin. This happened after HHH confronted him with chairmanship. Their were still two sides in the DNC. One day after the election, the POWER I era came to an end. This lead to the Fuck Rumsod Party.

Candidates, 3rd Presidential Election
Democratslogo.svg Democratslogo.svg POWER 1 GOP Logo POWER 1 GOP Logo
Foreman Domai Sandy Weathers John Heydrich Ted Cruz
for the Democratic Party for the Democratic Party for the Republican Party for the Republican Party
Foreman Domai
Sandy P1
Heydrich 2
Ted Cruz
1st Vice President of
the United States
Former U.S. Senator
from Illinois
Libertarians P1
Gary Johnson
for the Libertarian Party
Gary Johnson P1

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