The Reform Party are a big-tent third party in POWER II. They were founded by their current chairman Tom Jason and are generally seen as a "party for independents".

They currently have four seats; New Mexico's Junior Senate seat which is held by Vice Chairman/Acting Chairman Enzo Taylor, West Virginia's Senior Senate seat held by Tiyman, Virginia's Senior Senate seat held by #CalExit, Washington's Senior Senate seat being held by Harry Maddison and Indiana's Senior seat held by Sir. Barron Trump following his defection from the Republicans. Party Chairman Tom Jason held Virginia's Senior Senate seat before he was deleted, as well as Tennessee's Junior Senate seat formerly being held by Manwe Eldarson.

Reform Party Logo New 2

Alternate logo for the party.

Reform Party Seats Map 5

Dark: States with Reform Governors. Medium: States with Reform Senators. Light: States which have previously had Reform Senators. Final map of Reform representation prior to the second reset.

Party LeadershipEdit

Party Chairman
Name Portrait Tenure
1 Tom Jason Tom Jason PP May 2017 - June 18th 2017
- Enzo Taylor Ensor Politician PP 2 June 18th 2017 - June 24th 2017
(1) Tom Jason Tom Jason PP June 24th 2017 - Present

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