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United States Presidential Election, 11 September 2017
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  FDR Power Pizo Cunningham
Candidate Franklin Delano Roosevelt Pizo Cunningham
Party Democratic Party Republican Party
Electoral vote 275 263
Popular vote 64,406,418 66,358,966
Percentage 47.1% 48.6%


Presidential election results map. Blue denotes
those won by Roosevelt, red denotes states won
by Cunningham. Numbers indicate electoral votes allotted
to the winner of each state.

President before election

John Heydrich
Republican Party

President after election

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Democratic Party

The Tenth Presidential Election in POWER took place on 11 September 2017. It was a contest between Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the chairman of the Democratic Party, and Pizo Cunningham, the vice chairman of the Republican Party.

It was the closest election in the history of POWER, with the election ultimately being decided by slight difference in party organisation in the state of Michigan. It was the first time that a Democrat had won the White House since the beginning of POWER III, the first blue President since Chaka Khan, and the first Democratic President since Foreman Domai.

Nearing the end time for the election it became clear to all parties that Michigan would decide the election. Despite this, Republicans did pour extra PSO in Pennsylvania and Missouri. The elections resulted into Roosevelt vs Cunningham. At the end of the election it was projected on the map that Michigan had indeed flipped back to the Democratic party. Rumsod installed FDR as president after the polls closed.

FDR's success can be contributed to the massive efforts from the campaign staffers lead by Jean Lannes.


Presidential Candidate Home State Popular Vote Electoral Vote
Count Percentage
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Democratic Party California 64,406,418 47.1% 275
Pizo Cunningham Republican Party North Carolina 66,358,966 48.6% 263
Nicholas Kohl Imperial Japanese Party Michigan 3,568,531 2.6% 0
Jeremy Corbyn All Syndicalist Convention New Mexico 1,576,328 1.2% 0
Gary Johnson Libertarian Party Connecticut 1,132,214 0.8% 0
Total 136,662,178 100% 532
275 263
Roosevelt Cunningham

Candidates Edit

Image Name State Party Position Party Position
Pizo Cunningham Pizo Cunningham WV Republican Vice President of the United States Vice Chair
FDR Power Franklin Delano Roosevelt CA Democratic Governor of California Party Chairman
Gary Johnson Gary Johnson CT Libertarian Governor of Connecticut Party Chairman
Jeremy Corbyn NM All Syndicalist Senator from New Mexico Party Chairman
Nicholas Kohl WY Imperial Japanese Governor of Wyoming Party Chairman

 Primaries Edit

Democratic primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
FDR Power Franklin Delano Roosevelt Governor of California 1000
Sandra 2 Sandra Murphy-Colbert Senator from New York 202 Endorsing Roosevelt
Lukke Montrail Senator from Delawere 140 Endorsing Roosevelt
Harry Reinfeld Harry Reinfeld Secretary of Homeland Security 108 Endorsing Roosevelt
Jesse Cuthbert Senator from New Jersey 76 Endorsing Roosevelt
Jim Rohan Senator from California 65 Endorsing Roosevelt
Raymond Former Senator from Delaware 0

Republican primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Pizo Cunningham Pizo Cunningham Vice President 671
Heydrich Power John Heydrich President of the United States 292 Endorsing Cunningham
Oreki Houtarou Former Secretary of Defence 212
Brat Brat Former Secretary of State 96 Endorsing Cunningham
Wolfgang Mittermeyer Wolfgang Mittermeyer Governor of Indiana 66 Endorsing Hontarou
Edriech Neuhoff Governor of North Carolina 55 Endorsing Cunningham
Curtis LeMay Governor of Oklahoma 51 Endorsing Hontarou
Estelle Bright Former Secretary of Defence 45 Endorsing Cunningham
Adrian Governor of Arizona 39
Hollywood Hulk Hogan Governor of Minnesota 39
TC Senator from Florida 31
David Seimer Former Senator from North Carolina 29 Endorsing Cunningham
Deku 19 Endorsing Hontarou
Tom Kirkman Senator from North Dakota 18 Endorsing Cunningham
Paul Pott Secretary of State 16 Endorsing Cunningham
Edward Greenway Governor of Texas 15 Endorsing Cunningham
Draven Lortenson Governor of Montana 8
Troy Truluck 3 Endorsing Adrian
Jerry van Derring 0 Endorsing Neuhof

Libertarian Party primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson Governor of Connecticut 1000


Imperial Japanese Party primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Nicholas Kohl Governor of Wyoming and former President 1000

Cool Moose Party primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
I.F. Stone Former Senator from Massachusetts 237
Junior McAnarkiddie Former Senator from New Hampshire 133
Oswald Mosley Former Senator from Oregon 98
Fred Rogers 75
Abedikt Keksomat 58
Fred Hampton 50
Joe Workingman 0
Dylan Lynch 0

Freedom Caucus Party primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Alex Jones Former Secretary of Defence 963
John Johnson Former Secretary of State 61 Endorsing Jones
Bill Clinton Senator from Arkansas 29
Marcus Aurelius 0
David Lee Roth 0
Victor Liden 0

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