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United States Presidential Election, 17th July 2017
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  Heydrich Power FDR Power
Candidate John Heydrich Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Party Republican Party Democratic Party
Electoral vote 399 139
Popular vote 83,437,690 52,171,361
Percentage 61.1% 38.2%


Presidential election results map. Blue denotes
those won by Roosevelt, red denotes states won
by Heydrich. Numbers indicate electoral votes allotted
to the winner of each state.

President before election

Nicholas Kohl
Republican Party

President after election

John Heydrich
Republican Party


Presidential Candidate Home State Popular Vote Electoral Vote
Count Percentage
John Heydrich Republican Party Texas 83,437,690 61.1% 399
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Democratic Party California 52,171,361 38.2% 139
Blanche Lincoln Green Party Louisiana 776,583 0.6% 0
Amy Schnoppsheimer Libertarian Party Nevada 276,544 0.2% 0
Total 136,662,178 100% 538

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