In April of 2017, a man named Sir.Barron trump joined POWER II. What was unknown to him was there was already a Barron Trump in the same party. (GOP) What resulted was possibly one of the most harsh feuds between any 2 members of a party in POWER history. Meme attack after meme attack occurred in the Discord of the GOP party. It was bloody, gut-wrenching, stuff. For example, Sir.Barron Trump told Barron trump, "Your mom gay lol" during one of the many scuffles between them. GOP Discord members could only watch in awe as the vicious battles grew even more bloody. It all came to a sudden halt when in Mid-June, 2017, when Sir.Barron Trump's account was purged from POWER, when he proposed the successful meme bill, The DAB Act (Deport All Blacks Act)

Sir.Barron remains a member of POWER under an assumed name.