The Republican Party or also known as the GOP, is the longest continually-running party in Power thus far. Controversial in POWER I, for it's downfall and then sudden raise, it was first led by Ted Cruz who was eventually ousted by fellow party members before they installed James Dobson into the leadership position, during this era, the GOP lost it's majority and dropped from 45% of national support to barely 15% and not even 10 seats. After a period of conflict, John Heydrich became the leader of the party and went through the restoration of the party, bringing it slowly into an complete majority under the space of a few weeks.

In POWER II, they were the first parties to be founded, Heydrich naturally assumed the role as leader of the party, they quickly captured a majority and held it for the remainder of March and early April. Unfortunately, the untimely passing of the Legendary Dick Henry left party morale low. With a stagnant majority, and little forward direction, the GOP quickly became the target of an alliance between the NDA (New Deal Alliance) and the Libertarian Party. Shortly after the conception of the alliance, the GOP began to lose seats steadily across the board. By late April the GOP majority had been lost to insurgent Libertarians and NDA. As the loss of seats in Governor and Senate races increased, Heydrich and his leadership team shifted focus towards the impending Presidential Election. As a total breakdown of campaign organization occurred, groups of disenfranchised GOP members began to retire out of boredom or defect in protest. As the state of the party continued to decrease Heydrich and his Leadership team redoubled their efforts in the presidential campaign, banking on a victory to reunite the party and motivate its members. In a major upset and source of massive controversy, Chaka Khan used an exploit in the coding of the game to steal Heydrich's GOP party advantage and seize the presidency at the last moment. Following the major defeat of the election, the GOP deteriorated even further. Heydrich accepted the gravity of the deteriorating confidence in his command, and promptly resigned his role of Chairman to the Venerable Pizo Cunningham.

GOP Renaissance: Pizo seized control of the party swiftly and reorganized the major components of the whip team and leadership team. As seats continued falling across the baord, the GOP reunified and reorganized. A landmark deal with the Libertarian Party was brokered by the new campaign team, and resulted in renewed and massive gains in Senate and Governor races for a couple cycles. Following an emotional fallout and conflict with the libertarians, the GOP successfully transitioned to an alliance with the NDA, which has bred further gains for the party. The Renewed GOP lives on and continues to gain seats late into the month of May, Anticipating a hard summer of recruiting and a looming presidential election.

History - POWER I

The Republican Party was one of two default starting parties in the first iteration of POWER, along with the Democrat Party. Ted Cruz was elected the chairman of the GOP on the 27th December 2016. One day into his tenure, and the game, a couper known as John Major began trying to harry votes for himself. This was thwarted by the efforts of Heydrich, Goebbels and Enoch/Mosley, who managed to retain the Cruz chairmanship and in the process founded the GOP Discord Server. With Major thwarted Heydrich became the Head Whip under Ted Cruz with Goebbels and Enoch/Mosley as the first GOP Whips. During this period John Hoksfelt was elected to the office of GOP Treasurer, with John Johnson, Nicholas Kohl, Pizo Cunningham and Dick Henry being added to the Whip office. The party earned a majority in the early days of POWER I, which was sustained throughout December. Into early January Ted Cruz became increasingly inactive and lacklustre in his handing out of funds through the Party Treasury to which only he had access. The party began to suffer and lost their majority gradually to the Democrats. This led to many leaving for the Democratic Party including the current vice-chair Pizo Cunningham while the infamous John Hoksfeld and others stood strong and revolted against the puny Ted Cruz, this revolt was eventually a success (see below). This was because Ted Cruz had basically hoarded funds and not given them to the treasurer at the time, which was Oswald Mosley.

After a while, the GOP was able to kick Ted Cruz out but was faced with the ultimate question of who should lead the party, three candidates were in question, Jerry Hamelton, Hoksfelt and James Dobson. James Dobson eventually won overwhelmingly despite being shilled against, and conceded only a week later, stating issues that had come up. Heydrich was then handed the crown to the party.

Heydrich presided over the era of that led to the raise of the Republican party once again, from 15 seats to an outright majority.

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