Raymond, otherwise known as Senator Raymond is a senator from MD and the longest sitting senator of MD. He's best known for his bills in the senate and the "I will always keep on fighting for the immigrants" quote, which becamd a meme.

Power 1Edit

Raymond started his career at the Democratic Party, he soon became the senator of Kansas. He won a close race to a Republican. Raymond was uncontested in his reelection. In the senate he managed to pass just one bill, while the other 7 failed. Raymond left Power for sometime due boredom. He returned just before The Great Collapse.


In POWER II he began as an independent senator of North Carolina. He quickly joined the NDA, he ran for governer from MD. With help of Jean Lannes he won, not by a big margin. After this election MD became one of the most blue regions in the US. He has won the re-election and also became a senator for 9 terms. But he is mosrly recognized for his I will always keep on fighting for the immigrants

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