Cory Baxter is a politician from the US and current member of the Democratic Party since Power V. He started in early Power II under the identity of "Randy Savage" until retiring.

Power II Edit

During Power II, Cory Baxter went under the name "Randy Savage," his time was spent majorly in the GOP party, after moving to Delaware from Florida and finally to New Jersey to settle down, he eventually used the state's low populace to establish positions as Senator and Governor. Unfortunately, his time was cut short when party morale dropped due to the first election of Power II being handed to the Democrats, and Randy Savage was exiled from the party. His last remaining time had him co-found the "True Conservative" party along with Alex Jones, almost suffering a coup shortly after it was formed. Randy Savage gave up not too long after this, entering retirement never to be seen again.


Randy Savage's discord avatar.

Power V Edit

Randy Savage returned a day after POWER was reset and Power V was unveiled, taking on the identity of Cory Baxter and returning to New Jersey.

He temporarily departed in February due to boredom, but returned two months later in April, moving to Georgia.

18th Democratic Party SML Elections Edit

During the 18th SML elections for the Democratic party, Cory Baxter was selected by Melody Grant as a nominee for whip. Cory supported his sponsor through various (subjectively low-quality) images. Although Melody Grant lost to opponent BJ Poldhart, Cory Baxter won the most votes for whip selection alongside Poldhart's whip nominee Barry Collins.