The Progressive, or as Vega pronounces it, "Progwessive Party" is a long-lasting yet minor party dedicated to a roughly progressive / American liberal platform. Most of its support and electoral successes have been in Vermont, the seat of its leader, Dylan Vega. It may be inspired by the real-life Vermont Progressive Party, a third party which holds seats in the Vermont state legislature and supported Dylan's role model and man-crush, Senator Bernie Sanders, for mayor of Burlington, VT.[1]

With no current elected officials and a seemingly insurmountable deficit in the June 2017 Presidential Election polling[2], clearly, the success of the Bernie Sanders campaign in real life is something POWER's Progressives can only hope to achieve.

Formation Edit

Dylan vega pp

The birth of the Progressive Party (April 2017, colorized)

Before the end of April 2017, Dylan Vega was a member of the New Deal Alliance and attempted to win elections on the party's ticket in Florida. Continuous strings of defeats concerned NDA leadership, who recommended that Vega moderate his positions. He refused and continued to accept party campaign funds for races he had little chance of winning. Finally, an ultimatum from Teddy Roosevelt ordered him to move towards more centrist positions or he would be denied funding. Furious at being told he "will never win in any state" with extreme left wing positions, Dylan told the NDA to "fuck off;" thus, the Progressive Party was born.

Party Activities Edit

Vowing that the already quite leftist NDA would rue the day it denied him support, Dylan campaigned in Vermont and, perhaps surprisingly, won election as one of its two senators on the Progressive ticket. He later became Governor of Vermont until he was defeated by an NDA candidate. Attempts to elect other Progressives to office in Alabama have been less successful, with the candidate usually never getting more than 20% of the vote. The loss of Vermont brought the end to Progressive representation in national politics; however, Dylan is gearing up to challenge incumbent Republican President Kohl in the upcoming presidential race. Our best progressive mathematicians are hard at work on developing a model that will detail how Dylan can still win the NDA nomination.

Notable Politicians Edit

Just Dylan, really. The others just enter elections and keep losing.

References Edit

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