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WARNING: The POWER wikia still needs to be updated hugely so pages may contain large vandalism, if you cannot accesss a specific page due to its protection, it's due to the amount of vandalism that occurs around it.

There are currently, 114 articles since our launch.

About POWER: Power is a political simulation game where you join as a politician in the United States of America. Starting from nothing, you can seize the highest offices in the land through free and fair elections, or dirty tricks and deals.

The Power Wikia

The POWER wikia was created by Jeff Rolland in March 2017. The purpose of the wikia is to keep track of elections, ongoing events in POWER, politicians, parties and even deals between parties (if disclosed). If you want to help us with election statistics from previous spreadsheets or if you have any screenshots, contain Samuel Winters (R-ND) ingame.[1].

I can't find a page!

That'll be due to our poor navigation, that'll be fixed eventually. For now you'll need to search via the searchbar above.

I want to start playing POWER but I can't seem to get anywhere, can you help?

The mods of the POWER Wikia are looking to create a page to help newcomers, for now you'll need to join the discord of your respective party and recieve help there.

Is the POWER Wiki bias?

We try our hardest to be neutral though there is a lopsided amount of pages based on Republicans due to our most active mod being a Republican and knowing the internal mechanics of the party (he has been playing since November 2016.) We're looking for NDA and POWER I Democratic retirees to help us.

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