Pixogate was an event that happened in Power 2, the second version of POWER. It was a war between two influential Republicans: John Heydrich and Pizo Cunningham. Heydrich decided to go on semi-retirement for a while, when he returned he took the chairman position over from Cunningham. Heydrich felt thaf things werent going well under the leadershio of Cunningham, After this Pizo decided to retire for a few days, but returned when his loyalists asked him to come back and re-take the chairman position. This led to a chaos and lots of the people of the GOP leadership got purged. Pizo then lunched an underground Organization, to re-take his old position, but that didn't happen.

Eventually Heydrich and Cunningham managed to get over it and they found a solution: Heydrich as a chairman, and Cunningham as vice-chair.

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