Perseus Magnus' introductionEdit

Perseus Magnus started from the very beginning as a Natsoc member. He worked his way up to Vice Chancellor and then ended up leaving to seek more opportunity in the Republican party. Perseus could not find a state that suited him going from Vermont, Colorado, Alaska, until he finally landed himself in Wyoming.

Political CareerEdit

Immediately arriving in Wyoming he ran for Senate 1 and won on his first run. Following this, he became one of the most consecutive running senators in power serving 16 terms, 15 which were unopposed. This time went by as he served in the GOP as a loyal member and soon becoming well known. This led to some people to vote for him for chair and brought his party power high enough to become even more well known throughout Power. Soon Andres Bering Breiovik, at the time the current governor of Wyoming, left for Florida to run for senator. Perseus then become governor of Wyoming serving only two terms before being purged by Rumsod. Many people said he should become free, for Rumsod had set him free. Perseus decided to not leave Power and come back to finish some goals he had wanted to complete previously. Perseus came back with his name as Perseus Ito to honor his two fathers name and carry on the Ito legacy.

A week before the purge, the GOP was having an argument on the topic of leadership between Heydrich and Pizo. Due to some unfortunate mixups and changes, Perseus decided to join Pizo and his side of the GOP. Perseus became a Whip for Pizo and decided to settle in his faction. After being purged, with his new account, he went right back to Wyoming and claimed his seat the day of returning.

Achievements/Notable Titles Edit

  • 12 term Governor of Alaska
  • 16 term Senator of Wyoming
  • 3 term (and counting) Governor of Wyoming
  • Vice Chancellor of Natsoc
  • AA Coordinator and Whip for the Republican Party
  • Former Regional Representative for the Republican Party

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