Parties play a significant role in POWER, being the primary organisational structure. The two main parties have been the Democratic Party and Republican Party in all iterations besides POWER II, where the New Deal Alliance fulfilled the role of the Democrats.

Current parties Edit

United States of AmericaEdit

Logo Party Color code
Democratic power 3 Democratic Party #0000A0
Republican power 3 Republican Party #8B0000
Libertarian power 3 Libertarian Party #F9DA05
Green power 3 Green Party #016320
ConstitutionLogo Constitution Party
Party for Socialism and Liberation Party for Socialism and Liberation #8C026B
New Pony Republic New Pony Republic #663399
Progressive Moose walking Progressive Party #5DFF00
National Socialist American Party National Socialist American Party #303030

United Kingdom Edit

Logo Party Color code
Tory trans Conservative and Unionist Party
Labour Logo Trans Labour Party
Liberal Democrats Liberal Democrats
Ukip UK Independence Party
Green Party UK Green Party
SNP2 Scottish National Party
SF Sinn Fein
DUP2 Democratic Unionist Party
PC Plaid Cymru
NCP New Communist Party of Britain
UKDA UK Democratic Alliance

France Edit

Logo Party Color code
France Insoumise La France Insoumise #FF0000
En Marche2 La Republique En Marche! #FFD603
Parti socialiste2 Parti socialiste #FFBDC4
Front nationa;l Front national #000000
Les Republicains Les Republicains #100984

Mexico Edit

Logo Party Color code
Movimiento Regeneracion Nacional
Partido Revolucionario Institucional
Partido Accion Nacional
Unión Nacional de la Izquierda

China Edit

Logo Party Color code
Communist Party of China

Australia Edit

Logo Party Color code
Labor Party
Liberal Party

Former parties Edit

Major parties Edit

Logo Party Color code
ConstitutionLogo New Deal Alliance

Larger third parties Edit

Logo Party Color code
DPU Democratic People's Union
ASC Logo All Syndicalist Convention
UKAP Logo United Kingdom Anime Party
Reform party Original Logo The Reform Party
Goatse Fuck Rumsod Party
NSAWP Logo National Socialist American Party #BCB8DB
FCP Logo Freedom Caucus #FE921D
IJP loho Imperial Japanese Party #9303FF

Smaller third parties Edit

Logo Party Color code
CMP Logo Cool Moose Party
Pauline Hanson One Nation Party
MLP Logowiki Manx Labour Party
Islamic State of Dixie
Button blackpantherparty Black Panther Party
Wednesday Group
America First Logo America First Party
Whig Party Whig Party
True Conservative Party
Centrist Party
California National Party California National Party
Screenshot 2017-05-27-09-15-37-1-1 Dark Elders
Anarchist Party
Democratic Alliance
Progressive Party
NATsoc National Socialist Party
Fascist American League
National Unity National Unity Party
Tea Party Tea Party
NWO Logo New World Order
ConfederateParty Confederate Party
Democrat Logo Democratic Party (Alex Satoshi)
Farmer Labor Farmer-Labor Congress of Citizens' Leagues
Vodka Party
Team 10
Thinking Party
Pirate Logo Pirate Party
New Jersey Bloc Logo New Jersey Bloc
RI Bloc Logo Rhode Island Bloc
Oklahoma Freedom Faction
North American Union
Communist Party Logo Communist Party (USA)
Exjfp2M.png Liberal Democrats (USA)
Militant Anime Girls Assembly
Second Renaissance Logo Second Renaissance
Fuck Rumsod Party 2.0
Democratic Party of China (Delaware)
Electroshock party Electroshock Party
Freedom Party
The Eggman Empire
Jewish National Union #E10006
Christian Popular Front Party #D176E3
2017-05-27 21.34.31 Labour Party (USA)
Power Pensioners Power Pensioners Party
Sons of Aniki Sons of Aniki
Liberation Front Liberation Front for Leninist Youth Fighters (Eurocommunist)
American Fascist League American Fascist League
Rockefeller Party
Red Hand of Spandau
Radical Centrist Party
Progressives Progressive Party (Vega)
Throw Em Logo Throw 'Em Out
Nazbol Logo Nazbol Party
Capitalist Party Logo Capitalist Party
Nazbot Gang NazBot Gang