POWER Japan was launched by Rumsod on the 31st of January at POWER 5. Much like its other non-Anglo-American counterparts, Japan is currently a country with only one state, with limited functionality, in which users run in the same election. Since its addition into the game, users have been able to create politicians within it.


Since Sandy Weathers became the American president after the 20th Presidential Election, Japan has been a controversial country since the POTUS has repeatedly addressed the nation as dangerous due to her "anti-weeb" platform. Attempts at declaring war against Japan on the American senate has been made, despite Rumsod's warnings that this would greatly damage the American economy and be countereffective.

Due to Sandy Weathers threats against Japan and rising international tension against weebism, the players in Japan formed a coalition government consisting of the three largest Japanese parties, the Liberal Democratic Party, Komeito, and the Party of Hope. With this super-coalition, the Japanese government was able to pass wide-sweeping reforms with little resistance from the remaining parties. Shinzō Abe was elected Prime Minister in an unanimous vote, a position which he held until POWER Limbo. The current Prime Minister is Eternal Empress