Power 1.0 was the first iteration of POWER, from December 2016 to March 2017, prior to the Great Rumcode Collapse. It featured big stars like Ted Cruz, James Dobson, and Heydrich as the Republican chairs. As well as Domai, HHH, and Karl Sharks as DNC leaders, and Sandy Weathers and Jonny Kamehameha as coupists.

The two main parties of Power 1.0 were the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Other parties that existed include the Fuck Rumsod Party, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Whigs. The iteration had two Presidents, HHH, who served for two terms, and Domai, who served for one day before the game collapsed.

POWER I started off promising but after radical power shifts from GOP majority to a GOP with barely 15% of the national support, the game began to show its ugly face with people leaving due to boredom. This later was amplified when the exact opposite happened to the Democrats which led to the game becoming incredibly flawed. Other flaws were shown in the game when the GOP was able to coup the DNC by moving candidates over to the other party.

In March 2017, Rumsod came back and gave a well-promised reset as well as a system that fixed the issues that were presented, birthing POWER II.