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United States Presidential Election, 28 August 2017
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  Heydrich Power Sandra gif
Candidate John Heydrich Sandra Murphy-Colbert
Party Republican Party Democratic Party
Electoral vote 336 202
Popular vote 81,908,925 44,933,664
Percentage 59.9% 32.9%

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Presidential election results map. Blue denotes
those won by Murphy-Colbert, red denotes states won
by Heydrich. Numbers indicate electoral votes allotted
to the winner of each state.

President before election

John Heydrich
Republican Party

President after election

John Heydrich
Republican Party

The Ninth Presidential Election on POWER took place on 28 August 2017. It saw the re-election of John Heydrich to a fourth term, followed by the appointment of the Anglo Cabinet.

Results Edit

Presidential Candidate Home State Popular Vote Electoral Vote
Count Percentage
John Heydrich Republican Party Texas 81,908,925 59.9% 336
Sandra Murphy-Colbert Democratic Party New York 44,933,664 32.9% 202
Jim Jones All Syndicalist Convention Michigan 4,938,869 3.6% 0
Akeno Misaki Imperial Japanese Party South Dakota 2,539,340 1.9% 0
Murray Bookchin Democratic People's Union Illinois 1,359,791 1% 0
Luna Lovegood Libertarian Party Tennessee 926,748 0.7% 0
Dylan Vega Green Party Vermont 58,065 0% 0
Edward Mewere American Conservative Union Tennessee 2,404 0% 0
Total 136,662,178 100% 538

Candidates Edit

Image Name State Party Position Party Position
Heydrich Power John Heydrich TX Republican President of the United States Party Chairman
Sandra gif Sandra Murphy-Colbert NY Democratic Senator from New York Vice Chair
Luna Lovegood Luna Lovegood TN Libertarian Former Senator from Oklahoma Vice Chair
Jim Jones Jim Jones MI All Syndicalist Senator from Michigan Party Chairman
Akeno Misaki Akeno Misaki SD Imperial Japanese Former Governor of South Dakota Member
Murray Bookchin Murray Bookchin IL Democratic People's Former Governor of Illinois Member
Dylan Vega.png Dylan Vega VT Green Former Senator from Vermont Party Chairman
Edward Mewere Edward Mewere ID American Conservative Former Senator from Idaho Party Chairman

Primaries Edit

Democratic primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Sandra 2 Sandra Murphy-Colbert Senator from New York 1000
FDR Power Franklin Delano Roosevelt Governor of California 493 Endorsing Murphy-Colbert
Duncan Caldwell Senator from Maine 161 Endorsing Murphy-Colbert
Harry Reinfeld Harry Reinfeld Governor of New Jersey 103 Endorsing Murphy-Colbert
Raymond Senator from Delaware Approx. 10 Dropped out

Republican primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Heydrich Power John Heydrich President of the United States 710 Incumbent seeking re-election
Pizo Cunningham Pizo Cunningham Vice President 205
Alex Jones Alex Jones Governor of Arizona 103 Endorsing Heydrich
Brat Brat Secretary of State 99 Endorsing Heydrich
Wolfgang Mittermeyer Wolfgang Mittermeyer Governor of Indiana 68
Edriech Neuhoff Governor of North Carolina 56 Endorsing Heydrich
Curtis LeMay Governor of Oklahoma 55 Endorsing Pizo
Estelle Bright Secretary of Defense 44 Endorsing Pizo
Adrian Governor of Georgia 35 Endorsing Heydrich
David Seimer Senator from North Carolina 34 Endorsing Heydrich
Trajan Nym Senator from New York 30 Endorsing Heydrich
Josef Governor of Louisiana 24 Endorsing Heydrich
Troy Truluck 13 Endorsing Alex Jones
James Peters 6 Endorsing Pizo
John Johnson Former Secretary of State 3 Endorsing Alex Jones

Libertarian primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Luna Lovegood 1000
Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Former Senator from Connecticut 602 Endorsing Luna
Ludwig 190 Endorsing Luna

DPU primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Murray Bookchin Governor of Illinois 585
Katie Hopkins 415

ASC primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Jim Jones Senator from Michigan 1000

American Conservative Union primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Edward Mewere Senator from Idaho 1000

Moderate Republican Party primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Scrooge McDuck 1000

American Labor Party primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Raymond Senator from Delaware 1000

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