Michigan is a state in the USA, located along the Great Lakes. Michigan epitomizes the Rust Belt states, with high unemployment and deteriorating infrastructure and cities.

In Power 1.0 Edit

Michigan was one of the last remaining strongholds for the Democrats in the wake of the Republican surge just before Rumsod fucked off. All three seats were held by them for nearly the entirety of Power 1.0. Charlie Chan, now governor of California, was governor of Michigan, and claims the title of Longest Serving Governor. Though a Democrat at the time, he became the first Republican to hold a seat in Michigan when he changed parties as the Democrat's Institutional Strength collapsed.

In Power 2.0 Edit

The Democrat's successors, the NDA (New Deal Alliance) have totally evacuated the state, despite favorable stances within the state. The Republican and Libertarian party along with Independents contest the state in increasingly bitter elections. Michigan currently has a Republican senator and Libertarian senator, who are both pretty cool dudes. Nobody cares about the governor.