Mace Windu, is the founder of the National Socialist party and was the leader of the Nationalist Socialist party before he handed the ownership of the party over to Richard Spencer who is now the current elected leader.

Starting as a GOP member in the state of Colorado, he won the senate 2 election on virtually a landslide, he left the party to form the National Socialists with barely 400k on his politician. He presided over the raise of the party (disputed) before handing the mantlet over to Richard Spencer after a sudden increase. [1]

Mace Windu's political platform was exclusively national socialistic in nature, very right wing when it came to social justice, and an advocate against pro-equality bills and fiercely against welfare and other things to boost spending, even when he left the GOP he often voted against them except when voting for positions.

Accusations of Racism Edit

Mace Windu has faced numerous accusations of racism, with supported claims from his own actions. These claims originally sprung up when he started the National Socialist party.

There's numerous examples very clearly of Windu's racism, such as him stating how he didn't plan on the raise of the Natsocs and if he had, he "wouldn't have chosen a nigger character"[2]

As fitting of his party, Windu is also very antisemitic, using the word "kike" has a casual insult [3]

Windu is, in line with his party's ideology, wants a white ethnostate, mentioning it quite a bit. [4][5]