Luna Lovegood was the Vice Chairwoman of the Libertarian Party and current Chairwoman of the National Unity Party (POWER VI)

Love life

Marriage with Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Lovegood's marriage with Democratic Chairman Franklin Delano Roosevelt in POWER III launched a strategic alliance between the Democratic and Libertarian parties.

'Fling' with Gary Johnson

Allegedly have/had a "closed doors" relationship.

Luna evidince

Relationship with Religious Mexican

Ivan is a communist and Mexican member of the POWER Libertarian Party. He and Luna were together during the Violent Civil war that rocked the Libertarian party in Power III He and Luna were perfectly happy together and were planning marriage till the war took a turn for the worse and Ivan was sent to fight on the front lines of the party fighting for Ana and in the end being pardoned for his treason. For some strange reason he left power and came back to his girl being with Jon Stewart who owed him money at the time. Due to his long Absence.

Luna evidince 2

Putty in McAfee's hands

John McAfee, an admitted polygamist, frequently flirts with Luna in the LP discord. And fuck, does she love it. That is not necessarily true she is very loyal when it is true love.

Luna evidince 3

Her true love

Standing on the sidelines is the Stalking Pedo, fellow Libertarian Harry Browne. However, Luna has not acknowledged this his love for her,nor does she seem to realize it. Browne historically has tried his hardest to woo her and convince her, but always comes up short, despite having the best hair of anyone in POWER,(this is debatable it is said that Ivan has good hair also) and the shortest recorded penis in the Libertarian Party. He also has weird fetishes. And is creepy about Luna look at picture below

Luna and me AGAIN

A simpler time between Libertarian Partiers Luna and Browne.

Sexual Assault

Bill Clinton, a former member of the National Unity Party, tried to assault and rape Luna during the destruction of the NUP server, he however failed since his thing was a little too tiny.