dThe Liberal Democrats were a minor third party in the United States in both POWER II and POWER III. Standing on a center-right platform, it has been said that the party's views were merely the views of its leader, Harry Reinfeld, in POWER II.


Originally, the party was a splinter group from the Republican Party led by GOP moderate Harry Reinfeld, who also had a reputation for party switching. The party was liberal socially but right-wing economically. It became closer to elements of the New Deal Alliance (NDA) than the Republican Party.

Electorally, the party had short bursts of success, mainly in Montana when Jen Hogan won the gubernatorial election after the GOP governor went inactive. Harry Reinfeld lost his seat in Louisana and ended up moving to South Dakota where he ran for governor in that state. During POWER II, the Libertarians hoarded a number of alts in the Lib Dems to conduct attack ads.


In POWER III, the Lib Dems were created by Will Conway. Jeff Rolland joined the party through Haddock, an alt of his. The party made a deal with the Democratic People's Union (DPU) before breaking it off, after making a new deal with Jean Lannes of the Democratic Party. Both Conway and Haddock had some moderate success in winning seats.