The Liberal Democrats, also known as the LibDems, are one of the minor third parties in POWER II. Their platform is based entirely on their leader Harry Reinfeld's views. They are pro-social justice on abortion and gay marriage, among other things. They are also low tax and their platform is very center-right, being for low taxes and pro-business.

The party was originally a splinter group from the GOP led by the moderate Harry Reinfeld, who is infamous for his party switching. The party is more or less completely independent now, being closer to some of the sections of the NDA party than any part of the GOP.

Electorally, the party had short bursts of success, mainly in Montana when Jen Hogan won the governor election there after the GOP governor was inactive. Harry Reinfeld lost his seat in Louisana and ended up moving to South Dakota where he is currently running for governor in that state.[1]

They have been known to hoard many of the Libertarian's alternative accounts for mass attack ads.

As of 10/04/2017, the Liberal Democrats have only one seat in Nebraska owned by Jen Hogan.[2]


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