John Logs is the former secretary of state in the first Khan adminstration and a member of the New Deal Alliance, though formerly Libertarian. Self described as a "Radical Centrist" who leans to the right, and when he was a Libertarian, was very cooperative with the NDA.

Previously the vice chairman of the Libertarian Party and a high ranking member of the Democratic Party in POWER I, John Logs had decided finally to retire from Power by joining the NDA temporarily, and then fully retire. He retired on June 5th, 2017.


In POWER I, John Logs was the governor of Tennesse for three terms before losing in a gubernational election against Big Damn. He then relocated to the state of Ohio. During his tenure as a governor, Logs was the head of the DGA (District Governor's Association) for the DNC and archived Governor election statistics in the DNC party. Logs didn't lose his leadership position in the party.


In POWER II, he joined Valladrex's Libertarian Party and quickly became a figure in his LNC, a leadership committee in the Libertarian Party. Logs eventually became Vice Chairman and worked directly with many negotiations with other parties alongside Valladrex. He was also the nominee for the Libertarian Party in both the April 2017 POWER II Presidental Election (The first time a Libertarian contested the election) and the May 2017 POWER II Presidental election, though he soon defected to the NDA to retire from the game. He retired June 5th, 2017.