John Locke, known as Sir Freeman in Power 1.0, is a libertarian-right politician who is currently a member of the LNC in the Libertarian Party. In Power I and the start of Power II, he was a Republican, but when caucuses were banned in the party he joined the Libertarians.  He has always been in South Dakota, and consistently holds either senate or governor offices. 

Power I Edit

Locke was a Senator in South Dakota from the beginning, voting slightly libertarianly as a Republican. He joined the Whigs during a Republican coup and never left until the game was reset.

Power II Edit

After the reset, Locke became an influential member of the Freedom Caucus in the GOP. Still a senator, he proposed one of the first bills, for legal and unregulated marijuana, by large margins. He helped gather the impressive statistics that demonstrated the legislative power of the Freedom Caucus. However, once Heydrich banned all caucuses from the GOP, a disaffected Locke left for the Libertarian Party with the waves of moderate ex-GOP members. He quickly integrated forever stayed. Eventually earning himself a name for data analytics, he helped the strategy of the Libertarian Party, a role he still retains to this day.

After the LNC voted to withdraw from the Libertarian / New Deal Alliance agreement, he stayed with the party, unlike much of the party membership, and eventually became nominated to the LNC.

Other Activities Edit

John Locke is active on the ProjectPoliticalSim project, advising user interface and involved in programming. Outside of Discord, he is a nerd that follows the activities of the private rocket company SpaceX.

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