DoublePlusGood is a notable Democratic Party politician through POWER history, who served in the senior party leadership during POWER I.

Originally a SomethingAwful goon, DoublePlusGood assumed the identity of Jim B. Johnson in POWER I. He was a member of the party's senior leadership, serving as a member of the Commissariat. He served as Governor of Connecticut and was also a member of the AMSOC Vanguard. After the Great Dick Henry Coup, DPG attempted to coup the Libertarian Party and become their chair. During the Coup Dems period, DPG was appointed by HHH as his Attorney General. He was later shuffled to Secretary of the Treasury. He was a key member of the Domai Loyalists, both campaigning for Domai's candidacy and for Jeff Rolland as party chairman.

Possible plant

DPG marked as a 'possible plant' by the Coup Dems.

DPG took a hiatus during POWER II, but returned in POWER III as Charles James Fox. He was a Senator in Oregon, and held a variety of positions until he was appointed as Attorney General by Heydrich in the Anglo Cabinet. DPG continued through POWER III as a member of the Democratic Party, until he formed the Manx Labour Party in November, serving as the party's chair. After a few days as the Manx Labour leader, DPG decided to go inactive. He did not return to POWER until POWER V, where he created the Tory Boy politician and briefly served in the Conservative and Unionist Party as one of Marcus Aurelius' Members of the Board. After the Enoch coup, he quit the game again.
Heads of the traitors

DPG calling for heads of the traitors, aka the Coup Dems.