Jeff Rolland, also known as Jéff Rollandé, is a Democratic Party politician based in Utah.

Rolland was a Democrat in Power 1.0, based in Nevada. He was the senior Senator from Nevada, and later Governor of Nevada, serving almost continually from December 2016 to March 2017, besides a break in February. During the Sanders/Spencer era of the Democratic Party, Rolland was chosen as Foreman Domai's preferred candidate for Chairman. He was elected as Chairman one day before the Great Rumcode Collapse.

Rolland then retired from the game, to return in June 2017, being elected as a New Deal Alliance Senator in Hawaii. Following the reset that created Power 3.0, Rolland re-branded and was elected as the Democratic Governor of Hawaii in July. He was made the Politburo member for the Pacific region before accidentally moving to Utah (oops), where he is the candidate for Governor.

Political career Edit

Early days of Power Edit

Rolland joined Power on 28 December 2016 and started in the state of Nevada. He ran for Senate 1 in the first election of Power 1.0 on 30 December, defeating Republican candidate Kyle Jorgensen. His first election in Nevada coincided with the election of Lachlan Duggan as the Democratic Governor. Rolland remained as Senator (in slot 1) until 23 January, succeeded briefly by Smitty McSmitson (D), but was re-elected on 27 January. He continued to serve in this role until he opted to retire on 4 February. Among his election opponents in this time were Oswald Mosley and Marvin Shkreli.

As a Senator, Rolland authored a bill that banned the death penalty, but it was unsuccessful. He also co-authored a bill that aimed to repeal the repeal of the Civil Rights Acts, which was undertaken by George Wallace. Also, in mid-January, Rolland volunteered to serve as a Deputy Regional Chairman. He was appointed on 17 January and acted as a subordinate to the West regional chairman Chaka Khan. Rolland quit this role effectively on 4 February, but in reality only left the position on 14 February.
Jeff Rolland2

Original image used by Rolland until his first election.

Return as Governor Edit

After a hiatus through the month of February, including missing Dick Henry's coup of the Democratic Party, Rolland opted to return on 18 February as Lachlan Duggan was retiring from an unbroken streak as the Democratic Governor of Nevada. Rolland was elected on 22 February, defeating Big Joe in the election. In the next election, he defeated Oswald Mosley. At this time, the alt-Democratic Party formed, led initially by Bernie Sanders but with support from Sandy Weathers and Spencer Martin.

Fighting the coup and party chair Edit

On 6 March, Rolland began a campaign to be elected chair of the Democratic Party as a loyalist to Foreman Domai and HHH. By 14 March, Rolland had 16 chair votes whereas Spencer, who succeeded Sanders as chair, had 22 votes. Many former players logged back in and voted for Rolland. This coincided with the third presidential election, with Domai seeking election as President. On 15 March, Domai was elected as President, and HHH, the now former President, asked Spencer "don't you think President Domai should have his preferred Chairman seeing as he is President and all?" With that, Spencer resigned the office, and Rolland became chairman de jure.

Jeff Rolland

Image used by Rolland from December 2016 to March 2017.

Following this, Rolland was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by HHH as his last act in office. Later on 15 March, Rolland had the votes and became chairman formally. During his brief time as chair, he established a 12 point plan for party unity. He appointed Spencer Martin as Party Communications Manager, Sandy Weathers as National Election Coordinator, Lance Cameron as Senate Minority Leader, and Jim B. Johnson, George Freedom, and Jon Stewart as the Party Funding Triumvirate. He also led the charge on legislation for the establishment of an HHH presidential library.

Retirement Edit

After the Great Rumcode Collapse effectively knocked out Power for a week or so following Domai's election as President, Rolland did not properly return to the game. He remained part of several Discords, including the All Syndicalist Convention and the Black Panther Party Discords.

Triumphant return Edit

Rolland returned to Power 2.0 properly on 27 June 2017, moving to Hawaii and standing as a Senator there. On 29 June, he was elected as a Senator, representing the New Deal Alliance. On 3 July, the game was reset, with Rolland re-joining as Jéff Rollandé, again in the state of Hawaii. He was made the Politburo member for the Pacific region on 4 July and was elected as Governor of Hawaii on 7 July.

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