Jean Lannes is a notable former member of the Democratic Party, who served in the leadership of the party through much of POWER III. He was a key member of the KGB, becoming its Deputy Director, and was also a Regional Chair. He served as Secretary of the Treasury under Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


During POWER II, Lannes was a member of the New Deal Alliance in Texas. After losing a close Senate 2 race, Lannes moved to Indiana. He consequently won a Senate seat, but later left the game for a period of time.


Lannes joined POWER III in Indiana as a member of the Democratic Party. He succeeded in winning a Senate seat and turned the PSO in the state blue. However, he later lost an election against notable Republican Fisher Ames. Lannes later moved to Pennsylvania and continued to climb the ranks of the Democratic Party.

He moved to Illinois later in order to win the Governor's seat from a Democratic People's Union incumbent. He lost the first election, but in the second one, the Democrats were able to rig the DPU primaries so that a DPU candidate with poor positions won. This allowed Lannes to win the election with ease. During his governorship, Illinois joined the EU, same-sex marriage was made compulsory, and the Federal Illinois Army was created.

Lannes served as the campaign manager for Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the presidential elections. He helped to win the Tenth Presidential Election for Roosevelt in September and was in turn appointed as Secretary of the Treasury. During the election, Lannes moved to Pennsylvania again and successfully turned the PSO blue. After his cabinet term, Lannes moved to Texas where he served as Governor and also as a Senator.

Lannes was eventually promoted to Regional Chair of the Plains region for the Democrats, and also served as Deputy Director of the KGB and Chair of the DOGMA Caucus. He moved to Pennsylvania again after serving in Texas, where he was elected as a Senator. Lannes later quit the game at the end of POWER III.