Jean Lannes is a member of the Democratic Party.


In POWER II Jean Lannes started in Texas as a democrat. His presence in Texas triggered local Republicans and soon after losing a close race in S2 he was forced to move to Indiana pn the 11th of April . In Indiana he consequently won a senate seat for . Jean Lannes paused his activity from power for several weeks.


Jean Lannes started POWER III in Indiana. Although he did succeed in reconquering his senate seat and turning the state PSO blue, he was unable to win from the high profile Republican Fisher Ames. He later moved to Pennsylvania. During this time he climbed ranks of the Democratic Party.

When he moved to Illinois he had one clear goal: to unseat the DPU governor. He lost from the DPU governor quick after moving in the first election. In the second one they managed to rig the DPU primaries by AAing the incumbent so a shit-position candidate would win. After this succeeded all Republicans and DPUers withdrew from the gubernatorial race. Jean Lannes became eternal governor of Illinois. His governorship had remarkable highlights like the Illinois joining of the EU, the compulsion of same-sex marriage in Illinois and the creation of the Federal Illinois Army.

Jean Lannes was the general campaign manager for the Party chair FDR in the national elections. His first national achievement was winning the presidency for FDR. He got appointed as Secretary of the Treasury. During the election Jean Lannes moved to Pennsylvania again to succesfully turn it blue for the presidential elections.