Jared Fogle is an almost woke Rhode Island politician currently serving a term in the United States Senate. This follows a term in the Okeshwa County Correctional Facility for possession of heroin without sharing it with his mates.

Senator Fogle is deep in the pockets of the Women's Rights lobby, the closest he'll likely ever get to a woman. His avatar is that of an anime girl, leading some experts to speculate that he has a developmental disorder.

He often spams unfunny memes in discords, where he goes by the moniker "twitchy."

His scoobyposting has been described by some analysts as "uninspired" and "quotidan." This writer would add that it is also "not funny."

He occasionally gets tired and types 'obvious' instead of 'office'.

Role in the Democratic Party

Fogle isn't important enough to have a role in the Democratic Party, which really says a lot, don't you think dear reader?

LGBTQI+ Controversy

In August 2017, Fogle was met with heated reactions when he declared that Raymond, a gay man, should not become the Democratic nominee for President because of his sexuality. He also stated that he feared the addition of 'gay juice' to chicken to intentionally harm children. Fogle is yet to issue an apology.

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