Interest Groups were a new addition to POWER III. Each lobby provides campaign funds based on your current relation percentage over 50%. Each player with the highest relation in their respective lobby is automatically appointed to the position of lobby head. Lobby heads are granted additional hourly power: equal to lobby national strength divided by 10. Some bills in Congress can positively or negatively affect your relationship with various lobbies.

List of groups Edit

Correct as of 23 April 2018.

Lobby Head National Strength
Finance Bernard Stromain (D-LA) 83.7
Healthcare, Insurance and Pharmaceuticals Janet (D-FL) 73.1
Military-Industrial Complex Yvonne Strahovski (D-AL) 77.2
Labor Unions Trajan Nym (R-KY) 67.0
Christian Right Charlie Chan (D-PA) 60.6
Women's Rights Ingrid Bergman (D-SC) 59
Oil and Gas Bruce Weber (R-TX) 61.8
Agriculture Berry Strong (D-NH) 58.3