Heydrich & Heydrich Financial Solutions is a bank inside of POWER, providing loan services in-game. Drawing upon the vast war chest that Heydrich built up during his oversight of the Republican Party, Heydrich had the unique financial situation to create a startup in the Discord environment that would help stimulate the economy in-game and foster a new level of development for the game. With Heydrich's mysterious doppelganger, also CEO, the bank was established in late April.


John Heydrich- CEO of Heydrich & Heydrich FS

Perseus Magnus- CSO of Heydrich & Heydrich FS

Marcus Aurelius- CTO and CFO of Heydrich & Heydrich FS

Jonathan Bowden- COO of Heydrich & Heydrich FS

Discord for Heydrich & Heydrich Financial Solutions

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