grid is a noted frequenter of Oppressive Games, and is most famous in POWER for being the game's first President for two terms, from January to March 2017. He has also played in later iterations of POWER, including as Fred Fredrickson and under other names. He was also known as Hubert H. Humphrey, Triple H, and MCHammer during his time as President.

He was notorious for his use of the 'purge' and for the introduction of Goatse to the game. He was also the first chair and founder of the Fuck Rumsod Party. He was succeeded as President by Foreman Domai one day before the Great Rumcode Collapse.

In POWER V, grid is Jesus von McFaggotface, chairman of Partido Revolucionario Institucional, the ruling party of Mexico. He has been Minister of Foreign Affairs for Mexico under President Senor Domaigo and played a key role in international affairs, often as an opponent of US policies.

HHH Presidential Addresses

An example of grid's presidential addresses in POWER I, for which he was notorious.