The Fuck Rumsod Party was a party created by former Democratic party members. The party was founded by HHH and was recognizable by its use of the Goatse symbol.

History Edit

The Fuck Rumsod Party was founded on February 18, 2017, in response to the Great Dick Henry Coup, which allowed Republican members to surge the Democratic Party and steal the entirety of its treasury. The party was created by President HHH, who was its first chair. He was replaced by Karl Sharks, and then by Foreman Domai. The last chair of the party was Foolish Guac Merchant.

The party built a war chest of around $100 million over its one day lifespan. The party was deleted on February 19, 2017. Foolish Guac Merchant was also banned from the game by Rumsod, in one of his rare appearances, for sending Goatse in a party address.

Positions Edit

The Fuck Rumsod Party was a centrist party, rather than a left-wing party. As it was a protest organization, Republicans also joined it. Domai explained that "'fuck you rumsod' is a very unifying message" and Boba Fett added that "centrist is the easiest position to win from party wise".