Franklin Delano Roosevelt, known as Jon Stewart in Power 1.0, is the current chair of the New Deal Alliance. Also currently serving as Vice President under President Chaka Khan. He was a member of the Democratic Party in the previous incarnation and helped put down the weathers rebellion. Founded the Black Panther Party in Power 2.0, which later merged into the NDA.

POWER 1 Edit

In POWER 1 FDR played as his original character named after the comedy central comedian Jon Stewart. He started out in Oklahoma during mid January of 2017. He continued to serve as senator of Oklahoma despite the great republican comeback across the nation. As senator he would propose bills like the "Oklahoma recovery act". The text of the bill was "A shit ton of tornadoes destroyed all of the farms in Oklahoma and destroyed one of it's main crop production, the oat.This bill allows farmers to take our loans from the federal government to rebuild their farms. One term of the loan is that until all payments on it are completed the farm will be nationalized." To pass the bill he promised every senator that voted aye that they would be sent oats straight from Oklahoma.


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