Franklin Delano Roosevelt, known as Jon Stewart in POWER I, is the current chairman of the Democratic Party and 6th President of the United States. He was previously the 3rd Vice President.

Stewart, as he was then known, was initially a Senator from Oklahoma in Power 1.0. Later in the iteration, he was appointed to the Commissariat of the Democratic Party, and was also appointed as Secretary of Homeland Security under President HHH, just prior to the Great Rumcode Collapse. In Power 2.0, now known as Roosevelt, he founded the Black Panther Party which later merged with other groups into the New Deal Alliance, of which he became co-chair and then chair.

Under President Chaka Khan, Roosevelt served as Vice President, and continued to serve as the NDA chair until the reset that created Power 3.0. In this new iteration, Roosevelt was elected as chair of the newly-formed Democratic Party.

POWER 1 Edit


Wait did they get the oats?

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