Franklin Delano Roosevelt, also known as Jon Stewart, is a Democratic Party politician who has served he 6th and 10th President of the United States, 3rd Vice President, and was the chairman of the New Deal Alliance in POWER II and has been chairman of the Democratic Party from POWER III through to POWER V. He is a good guy on most occasions but has a hard time paying off debts he owes. He once waited an entire power iteration to pay back 10 million rum bucks to the Libertarian Party member at-the-time Ivan.


Stewart, as he was then known, was initially a Senator from Oklahoma in POWER I. Later in the iteration, he was appointed to the Commissariat of the Democratic Party, and was also appointed as Secretary of Homeland Security under President HHH, just prior to the Great Rumcode Collapse.


In POWER II, now known as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he founded the Black Panther Party which later merged with other groups into the New Deal Alliance, of which he became co-chair and then chair. Under President Chaka Khan, Roosevelt served as Vice President and continued to serve as the NDA chair until the reset that created POWER III.


Roosevelt was elected as chairman of the Democratic Party at the start of POWER III, ensuring continuity from POWER II. He served as Governor of California through July and August, during the Republican dominance of the game. In September, Roosevelt was elected as President, proceeding to serve a total of four terms. In seeking a fifth term, Roosevelt was unsuccessful, as the Connecticut Massacre sealed the fate of his candidacy and he lost to Oreki Houtarou, the Republican nominee.

Roosevelt remained as party chairman through POWER III, leading them to their eventual major successes across the board. By the end of POWER III, the Democrats had effectively taken over the United States, which then prompted a new POWER reset.


In POWER IV, Roosevelt was elected as President for fifth, non-consecutive term, beating Edriech Neuhoff. He remained as the only President of this iteration, being re-elected twice. In total, Roosevelt has served seven terms as President. Under his leadership, the Democratic Party had quickly begun to dominate the Republicans. Rumsod saw this and reset the game again.