(((Foreman Domai))) was a major politician in Power 1.0, serving as HHH's Vice President for two terms and as chair of the Democratic Party for the longest and most successful tenure. He was elected as President one day before the Great Rumcode Collapse.

Domai was arguably the most powerful politician of Power 1.0, leading the Democratic Party throughout its greatest successes and ensuring that stability was kept in the party leadership. Alongside his lieutenants such as Karl Sharks and HHH, Domai promoted (((AMSOC))) and created a successful party structure that led to the Democrats getting a supermajority in the Senate and having the only two-term President of Power to date.

Old Domai

The original image used by Domai.

He lost chairmanship during the Great Dick Henry Coup in February 2017, and again in March 2017 after an internal coup. However, despite not being chair, Domai was able to win one of the two Democratic primaries and was elected as President on March 15, 2017, leading to the 'Domai loyalists' regaining control of the Democratic Party as a whole.

Throughout HHH's presidency, (((Domai))) served as his Vice President. This ensure he could maintain his power without worrying about re-election. During his time as chair, he also cultivated a 'cult of personality', and following the Great Rumcode Collapse the 'coup Dems' Discord server was converted to the Holy Domaiscan Order in his honour.

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