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United States Presidential Election, 14 August 2017
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  Heydrich Power Tom Jason PP
Candidate John Heydrich Tom Jason
Party Republican Party Democratic Party
Electoral vote 390 148
Popular vote 86,239,489 43,853,979
Percentage 63.1% 32.1%

POWER 8th Presidential Election

Presidential election results map. Blue denotes
those won by Jason, red denotes states won
by Heydrich. Numbers indicate electoral votes allotted
to the winner of each state.

President before election

John Heydrich
Republican Party

President after election

John Heydrich
Republican Party

The Eighth Presidential Election took place on 14 August 2017 and saw President (styled Fuhrer) John Heydrich elected to a third term, a feat never before achieved by a President in POWER. Heydrich is only the game's second Republican President, after Nicholas Kohl.

The Democratic candidate in the election, seen as the chief challenger to Heydrich, was Senator Tom Jason. The other candidates were Gary Johnson of the Libertarians, Senator Blanche Lincoln of the Libertarians, Senator Douglas Self of the All Syndicalist Convention and Governor Adrian Tam of the Radical Centrist Party.

It was widely predicted that Heydrich will secure a third term, and whether Jason secured second place in the election was initially up for debate, with a challenge from the left in the form of Senator Self, and a challenge from the right in the form of either Senator Lincoln or Gary Johnson.

Results Edit

POWER 8th Presidential Election
Presidential Candidate Home State Popular Vote Electoral Vote
Count Percentage
John Heydrich Republican Party Texas 86,239,489 63.1% 390
Tom Jason Democratic Party Virginia 43,853,979 32.1% 148
Adrian Tam Radical Centrist Party Connecticut 3,555,713 2.6% 0
Douglas Self All Syndicalist Convention Hawaii 1,633,268 1.2% 0
Gary Johnson Libertarian Party Connecticut 815,151 0.6% 0
Blanche Lincoln Libertarian Party Louisiana 568,218 0.4% 0
Total 136,662,178 100% 538

Candidates Edit

Image Name Party Position Party Position
Heydrich Power John Heydrich Republican President of the United States Party Chairman
Tom Jason PP Tom Jason Democratic Senator from Virginia Atlantic Regional Chair
Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Libertarian Former Governor of New Mexico Party Chairman
Blanche Lincoln Blanche Lincoln Libertarian Former Senator from Louisiana Member
Douglas Self Douglas Self All Syndicalist Former Senator from Hawaii Minister for State Security
Adrian Tam Adrian Tam Radical Centrist Governor of Connecticut Party Chairman

Primaries Edit

The primaries in the Republican Party were heavily contested. The incumbent President, John Heydrich, had announced during his first term that he was amending the US Constitution to remove term limits, allowing him to stand for a third term in the future. It appeared he was to be nominated without fault as the Republican candidate for a third term, but in fact the primaries had many different candidates. In particular, it appeared Brat, his own Secretary of the Treasury, was attempting to contest and win the nomination from him. At one point, early in the primaries, Brat was leading and also following close behind Heydrich in terms of delegate count. However, almost inevitably, Heydrich seized the nomination and became the Republican candidate.

In the previous election, the Democratic Party had nominated Sandra Murphy-Colbert but her campaign was weak and easily defeated by Heydrich. They were therefore uncertain of who to nominate for this election, but in the beginning four candidates became clear. Sandra had entered the primaries only to endorse Tom Jason, who in turn was opposed by Harry Reinfeld and Stan Pines. Jeff Rolland proceeded to enter the primaries, and then endorsed Harry Reinfeld. However, in the spirit of party unity, Reinfeld went on to endorse Jason, and Rolland endorsed the only opposition left, Stan Pines, before defecting from the party. Later in the primaries, Mark Walker and Jesse Cuthbert both entered, although Cuthbert endorsed Jason, leading to Walker being the only Democrat left in the primaries that did not endorse Jason.

Several third parties also put forward nominees, with Libertarian chair Gary Johnson seizing the Libertarian nomination and Douglas Self seizing the All Syndicalist Convention nomination. Sips also ran for the Communist Party nomination but due to inactivity decided to not contest the presidential election. The other third party candidate was Adrian Tam, of the Radical Centrist Party. Notably, the Democratic People's Union, the third largest party, did not nominate a candidate, nor did other third parties such as the Imperial Japanese Party or the American Conservative Union.

Republican primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Heydrich Power John Heydrich President of the United States 471 Incumbent seeking re-election
Brat Brat Secretary of the Treasury 199
John Johnson Secretary of State 96
Pizo Cunningham Pizo Cunningham Vice President 81
Alex Jones Alex Jones Governor of Arizona 77
TBVzAEt Oreki Houtarou Secretary of Homeland Security 75
Wolfgang Mittermeyer Wolfgang Mittermeyer Governor of Indiana 59 Endorsed Brat
Curtis LeMay Governor of Oklahoma 52 Endorsed John Johnson
Estelle Bright Estelle Bright Senator from Georgia 41 Endorsed Brat
Riko kurahashi 51737
Adrian Governor of Georgia 27 Endorsed Heydrich
Kaiser Wilhelm II Kaiser Wilhelm II Senator from West Virginia 24 Endorsed Heydrich
David Seimer David Siemer Governor of North Carolina 24 Endorsed Heydrich
Jerry van Derring Jerry van Derring Governor of Ohio 19 Endorsed Brat
Riley Newton Riley Newton Senator from North Dakota 13 Endorsed Oreki Houtarou
Tom Kirkman Senator from North Dakota 10 Endorsed Heydrich
Edward Greenway Edward Greenway Senator from Texas 7 Endorsed Heydrich
Jane Doe Jane Doe Senator from Mississippi 4 Endorsed Heydrich

Democratic primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Tom Jason PP Tom Jason Senator from Virginia 925
Sandra 2 Sandra Murphy-Colbert Senator from New York 367 Endorsed Jason
Harry Reinfeld Harry Reinfeld Governor of New Jersey 132 Endorsed Jason
Jesse Cuthbert Senator from New Jersey 121 Endorsed Jason
Stan Pines Stan Pines Senator from Washington 104 Endorsed Jason
Mark Walker Mark Walker Former Senator from Connecticut 74
Jeff Rolland Jeff Rolland Former Senator from Delaware Approx. 35 Withdrew

Libertarian primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Chair of the Libertarian Party 954
Amy Schnoppsheimer Former Chair of the Libertarian Party 46

All Syndicalist Convention primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Douglas Self Douglas Self Senator from Hawaii 1000

Radical Centrist Party primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Adrian Tam Adrian Tam Governor of Connecticut 1000

Communist primaries Edit

Image Name Position Delegates Notes
Sips Sips Former Chair of the Communist Party 1000