Dylan Vega was a former politician in POWER II and III. He was best known for his work as a chair member for the Progressive Party.

Early Years in the NDA Edit

Vega started his political career within the New Deal Alliance. During this time, he ran for Senator of Florida, which failed. After the election, he would request large sums of money from the NDA to finance future campaigns.

The Formation of the Progressive Party Edit

At some point, Theodore Roosevelt (The NDA chair at the time) asked him to move his positions rightward, which was against Vega's wishes. This led to a conflict between the NDA and Vega. Later, Vega declared that the NDA isn't a left wing party but just centrist. He left the NDA and created a new party; the Progressive Party. This lead to a lot of animosity among NDA members. He is currently on the NDA "wall of shame".

Current Status Edit

Though Vega has since left POWER, the Progressive Party has been reestablished in POWER V.

The Real Dylan Vega, the Living Meme Edit

Dylan Vega, outside of POWER, operates a progressive-leaning Youtube Channel known as The Vega Network. His chubby appearance, high-pitched voice, speech impediments, young age, and fervently progressive beliefs made him the butt of many jokes. This soon made him a meme within the POWER community, similar to Thomas Eris. Vega also has engaged in multiple debates with Eris, and many of the memes produced feature the two.