The Democratic People's Union, or DPU, was a minor third party owned and founded by Artemis Argat, governor of Kansas.[1] The party's platform was entirely left-wing, pro abortion, gay rights, unions, and completely for progressive tax, setting them up as opposites to most politicians in the state.[2]

Founded as a splinter group from the NDA, it was not a founding member of the Alliance; instead, Artemis created it as a far-left alternative. Artemis himself stated why he formed the party: "I created the DPU because I and some people did no agree with the NDA. There were some more left people who were not accepted by the NDA and I did not agree with some of the policies of the NDA."[3]

The DPU had one senator elected in Arkansas, Nionu tievos, who was the leader of the party. He went on to occupy a Senate seat in Alaska, where the party experienced electoral success, winning Senate and gubernatorial elections periodically.

By mid-June 2017, the already-small DPU had dwindled in numbers. Former party chair and Alaska Governor CHRISTIAN VEER was the party's last remaining elected official. The DPU continued to enjoy support in Alaska, where it had the highest PSO of all parties[4]; on occasion, it fielded candidates in elections in the Lower 48. VEER was later replaced as chair by Comrade Richard Hinkledink and the party lost the AK Gubernatorial Election to the GOP.[5]

The party, as with all others except the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party, ceased to exist after the July 2017 reset and transition from POWER 2.0 to 3.0. Tievos, the party's leader throughout most of 2.0, joined the reformed Democratic Party and currently resides in New Mexico. The party was later re-established in 3.0.


Patriotic ex-Democrats found it necessary to reestablish the DPU following the intrigues of the neoliberal gang of nerds that style themselves the Democratic Party's KGB. The party was recreated by a shadowy figure from Washington state known only as "The Proletariat," and has not grown fast. But brilliant tactics and financial support cultivated through treachery and skulduggery quickly established the DPU as an effective regional force, even if those regions were flung across the map. Governor Junior McAnarkiddie of Massachusetts defected from the Democrats and built up his new party in the state, and Noinu Teivos won a surprise gubernatorial victory in New Mexico.

Sections of the map turning black put a fright into the bourgeois parties, prompting the Democratic leadership to send the creatively named Bingo Sandbelt to try to take down Governor McAnarkiddie. So far Mr. Sandbelt's efforts have been unsuccessful.

Machinations by Jean Lannes and his coterie pushed the longstanding Pennsylvania Senator I.F. Stone out of the Democratic Party. Lannes objected to being noogied for not being able to tell the difference between the word "weekday" & "weekend," and Senator Stone resigned his Senate seat rather than submit to the childish whims of the KGB.

Stone then joined the Governor in Massachusetts and ran for a Senate seat. As of this writing, the results had not yet come in.

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