The Dark Elders is a cult formed around Cthulhu on about 23 May 2017. It grew from a small group of visionaries to a large movement, with many politicians in other parties expressing support. Until recently, they had been on the rise and on their way to utterly destroying all humanity.

They supported the death penalty, "The Wall", destroying human life, and the elimination of health care. They are one of the most extreme parties POWER has ever known, and have frequently adgitated for their extremist agenda through Discord and Senate bills. A large support base exists in Georgia, where the founder and leader, Cthulhu himself, served as governor of the state for several terms.

Although the Dark Elder membership peaked at the double digits and boasted senators and governors, today the party is teetering on extinction. In late June, it had only one member[1]; yet, it retains a relatively high PSO of 28.6% in GA, the second highest in the state behind the GOP.[2]

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