Chaka Khan was the first President of POWER II and former Governor of Vermont. In POWER I, she was a long-term senator and later governor for Oregon.


Chaka Khan is a member of the New Deal Alliance and has consistently remained a member except for a brief time she switched to the Republican Party during the previous presidental election. She was Regional Chairman for the Northeast and later became the Vice Chairman after the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the Chairman position following a tense leadership battle.
Chaka Khan became President in April 2017 and during her term had to deal a North Korean insurgency, the implementation of cabinet approval mechanics, and a change in the game's electoral system. She is currently running for the May 2017 Presidental Election against GOP nominee Nicholas Kohl, Libertarian nominee John Logs and various other third party candidates.


Chaka Khan was a senior senator and later governor for the state of Oregon in POWER I for the Democratic Party, as well as the party's Regional Chair for the West Coast region.


Chaka Khan was elected the Governor of Vermont in POWER II. During her tenure, she became the presidential nominee for the New Deal Alliance in April 2017 for the first presidential election of POWER II. She was in a race against the then-nominee John Heydrich of the Republican Party and then-nominee John Logs of the Libertarian Party. Towards the end of the race, Chaka Khan created controversy when she switched from the NDA to the GOP in an attempt to win the race, this proved successful. She was also the last president in POWER history to be elected by popular vote.