The United States Cabinet is the executive decision-making body of the United States of America in POWER. The cabinet is led by the President, who then can appoint the other members. Each member of the cabinet, in order to be confirmed, must be voted on by the Senate and House of Representatives. Crucially, the nomination must achieve the quorum of 51 votes in the Senate to pass. Cabinet members cannot hold another position concurrently, although they do receive a Power Per Hour and National Influence bonus. The cabinet can, therefore, be used strategically to win difficult seats or as a stepping-stone to the presidency. Currently, only the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense have their own abilities.

Office Incumbent
Seal of the President
Seal of the Vice President
Vice President
Jeb Bush
Seal of the Secretary of State
Secretary of State
Benjamin K. Poldhart
Seal of the Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary of the Treasury
Patrick Higgins
Seal of the Secretary of Defense
Secretary of Defense
WLP portrait
William Luther Pierce
Seal of the Attorney General
Attorney General
Berry Strong
Seal of the Secretary of Homeland Security
Secretary of Homeland Security
The Doctor