Big Damn is the damnest player in Power. Big Damn served as both Senator and Governor in Virginia for most of Power 1, 2, and shortly in 3. After returning in Power 5 Big Damn moved to Arkansas where he held the senator position for a long time until moving to Florida where he was Senator and Governor.

Big Damn's favorite word is Damn and he has been known to email it to players across Power for no apparent reason. Hubert H. Humphrey, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Medium Jon), Chaka Khan, and Janet all sent Presidential Addresses saying Damn during their tenures, a move encouraged by Big Damn that improved approval ratings for each President.

Big Damn served as Sec. of Homeland Security to President Chaka Khan during her tenure in Power 2. He was the only Republican member to be in her cabinet. Rumsod noticed this and purged Big Damn's account because he's a salty son of a bitch. When asked to comment, all Big Damn had to say was "damn".

Power 6 Edit

Big Damn joined the state of North Dakota in Power 6 and created a corporation titled Damn Co. Big Damn is currently the richest player in the United States, and the 3rd richest in the world. Big Damn became the first governor of North Dakota in Power 6 and is still best friends with BIG PIZO. Big Damn was later purged from the game shortly before the Republican Primaries concluded, along with several other key GOP members. This is believed to be a move by Rumsod to rig the election for the Democrats, who would have been blown out otherwise.