Big Damn is the damnest player in Power.Big Damn served as both Senator and Governor in Virginia for most of Power 1 and 2. He described it as being quite "damn". He is known to send random in-game emails to people, regardless of party, simple saying "damn".

Throughout Power 1 and 2 Big Damn was known as the most devoted alter in the game. After the reset of Power 2 Big Damn's enthusiasm dropped dramatically and the alts didn't return. Big Damn has no known alts after returning in Power 5. In Power 2 Big Damn was the creator of "primarying". An act where someone makes an alt in the opposing party, enters a primary and attacks their opponent to knock them out of the race before the general election begins. Power 2 was a vicious iteration of Power..

After returning late into Power 5, Big Damn joined the state of Hawaii as a Republican. Big Damn quickly moved to Arkansas where he has been elected Senator ever since. A study done by Harvard University showed that the usage of the word 'damn' increased dramatically on 'ol Rummy's servers, as well as Discord, after the return of Big Damn.