Attack Ads, sometimes referred to as AA, is a game mechanic that if used on another player will damage their State Influence.

Details Edit

An Attack Ad strength is dependent on the receivers Reputation. The higher their Reputation is, the more effective the Attack Ads are. Attack Ads also have chance of backfiring on the user and damaging their own State Influence. The backfire chance is shown next to the Attack Ad option, and goes up as you continue using Attack Ads. They are accessible to use when going on a players profile and scrolling down until you see the option.

If your own National Influence is below 50, you may only use Attack Ads within your own state. After 50 however, you are able to use Attack Ads on states outside your own. These people are sometimes called Diamond Dogs or AA Squad. Coordinated use of Attack Ads can prove very effective at weakening a party and their power.

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