The All Syndicalist Convention was a faction of the New Deal Alliance in POWER II, and a third party in POWER III.


The ASC was one of several parties that consolidated into the New Deal Alliance at the start of POWER II. Primarily at this time, it was led by John Kowalsky, and was seen as the most left-wing element of the NDA.


In the first few weeks of POWER III, former ASC members in the Democratic Party decided to split from the Democrats, in a move known as Operation Zwischenzug. The ASC, as a third party, was known as a 'party of alts', and also as a Republican puppet.

In August, Rumsod deleted all of the ASC alts, severely damaging the party. Also, while serving as Secretary of State in September, the Anglo Cabinet, Paul Pott was deleted.

In the words of I.F. Stone:

"A crypto-fascist party that co-opts leftist rhetoric to support right-wing agendas. In the beginning of the current iteration it was a distributed caucus, most powerful in the Democratic Party. Infighting erupted.

This infighting led to dozens of former Democrats joining with the ASC. Unfortunately, the ASC's numbers dwindled, leaving them only one choice but to use a complex network of puppets that they frequently run for election. Thankfully Rumsod's Secret Service routinely purges these dastardly dupes, leaving ASC membership low but concentrated."


The party had made a resurgence in P6, temporarily taking the governerships of California, New Mexico and Colorado.